Publishing Guidelines for InstaHref

Welcome to InstaHref’s guide for publishing articles. These guidelines are designed to ensure that your articles are valuable, engaging, and SEO-friendly. Remember, great content is primarily for people, then for search engines. Here’s how to make your articles stand out:

Tips for Well-Written SEO Articles

Simple Language: Aim for clarity and simplicity. A well-written article should be understandable by a sixth-grader.

Originality is Key: Ensure your articles are unique. Reposting the same article in multiple publications or using copied paragraphs is detrimental as search engines easily detect plagiarized content.

Article Length: Articles should have a minimum of 500 words, with 700 words being the current standard recommended by many SEO specialists.

Diacritics: You may write with or without diacritics, but adhere to the requirements of the specific site.

Proofreading: Double-check your articles before publishing. Subsequent modifications are possible but may incur a fee.

Relevance to Site Topic: Align your article’s title and content with the site’s topic. For instance, if you’re selling bed linens on a news site, frame it as a news story like, “Energy Crisis Drives People to Buy Merino Beddings.”

Adult Content: We accept articles in categories like food derivatives, casino, sports betting, sex shops, video chats, tobacco, pharma, politics, CBD, dating, and funeral services. These are subject to different pricing and site acceptance. Check first which sites accept adult content.

Prohibited Content: Strictly no posting of articles containing obscene, vulgar, abusive, threatening, indecent, chauvinistic, or discriminatory materials. The content must not violate human rights or other legal clauses. Racist, sexist, or illegal messages as per Romanian law are not accepted.

Quality Standards: Articles must be grammatically correct and include subheadings and paragraphs for easy reading. Accompanying images should be landscape/wide format, with a minimum resolution of 800×600, and up to 5 MB. Only stock, own, or free images are accepted, and image sources must be specified.

Restricted Topics: Articles about cryptocurrencies, violation of Romanian laws, negative PR, or promoting competitors are not accepted.

SEO and Copywriting Expertise: Follow these guidelines emphasized by copywriters and SEO specialists to maximize the benefits of your published SEO articles.

If you need article writing services, there’s a separate section on the site where you can collaborate with a Copywriter.