User Registration on the InstaHref Platform

Registration Process
To access the services provided by InstaHref, users must register on the platform by creating either an Advertiser or Publisher account, depending on their interest. Registration is free of charge.

Account Creation
For account creation, users are required to fill in the fields in the registration form with the requested information. All information published in the account must be accurate and complete. The use of false identities, or names that are offensive, vulgar, or obscene, is strictly prohibited. Users are solely and fully responsible for the information published, the activities conducted in their account, and for maintaining the confidentiality of their password. Remember, you can edit or delete any information in your personal account at any time using the edit button.

Account Deletion
If you wish to delete your account, please send an email request to [email protected]. Your account will be closed within a reasonable period following your request, after which you will no longer be able to access the account. Deleting your account may result in the loss of certain information you have provided to us, and we assume no responsibility for such loss.

Account Transfer and Security
You do not have the right to assign or transfer your rights, or delegate your responsibilities under this account creation, without prior written consent from InstaHref. You must notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security at our email address. We cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with these terms, such as if someone else accesses your account using registration information they obtained from you or through a breach by you of these terms, or for any unauthorized use of funds in your account.

Article Publication Terms & Conditions for Advertisers on InstaHref

Article Publication Overview
Advertisers publish paid articles on websites listed on the InstaHref platform. These paid articles, or advertorials, are crafted to advertise a product, service, or brand.

Compliance with Publisher Conditions
Each paid article must meet the specific publication conditions set by individual publishers, detailed in the section describing each site on the InstaHref platform.

Pricing and Payment
The price for content creation and article publication is displayed in Euro on the InstaHref platform next to each site, which is the final price with no additional costs. Prices may undergo periodic changes, but the valid price at the time of order placement will apply.
The services of content creation and paid article publication on any of the sites in the InstaHref portfolio are chargeable and executed based on orders.

Order Placement and Account Funding
To place an order, the Advertiser’s account must be funded with Euro, the national currency of Romania. The minimum limit is the equivalent of one order value. There is no maximum limit.
The Advertiser’s account is configured for manual payments, so you must add funds in Euro to a prepaid balance before placing an order. For example, if you wish to publish an article on a site that costs 20 Euro, you need to have a minimum of 20 Euro in your account. As orders are placed, the corresponding amount will be deducted from the added funds.
Billing and Invoicing

Invoices are communicated electronically to the email address and are also available in the created account, accessible and downloadable at any time by the user.
Fund additions are made online through Mobilpay, PayPal, Stripe, and bank transfer.

Right of Withdrawal
Amounts credited to the funds account can be refunded within 14 days from the date of acquisition, provided they have not been used for service purchases. After 14 days, InstaHref does not refund any amount, in whole or in part, and the Euro funds remain available in the Advertiser’s account.
In the case of distance service contracts, according to the legislation regulating distance contracts, the right of withdrawal is not provided after the services have been rendered.

Account Funds Usage
Funds in the account have no expiry date and can be used exclusively for purchasing services on the InstaHref platform. If, for any reason, the collaboration with InstaHref ceases, you are obliged to liquidate all available funds for service purchases; otherwise, these will be deleted and not refunded.

Cancellation of Payment
InstaHref will immediately notify the cancellation of a payment, and the parties will be restored to the situation prior to the payment, by refunding the full amount paid in the following situations:
The transaction was not validated by the payment center.
The transaction was not accepted by the issuing bank of the card.
The terms and conditions herein are not adhered to.
Orders cannot be fulfilled due to reasons beyond the control of InstaHref and its collaborators, such as force majeure, epidemics/pandemics, fires, explosions, wars, acts of terrorism, etc.

Paid Article Content Terms

Responsibility for Service Use
The responsibility for using our services lies entirely with you, whether you act as a Publisher, Advertiser, or Content Writer. InstaHref is not responsible for the use of the Services as it merely acts as an intermediary providing an online platform for services and transactions between Publishers, Advertisers, and Content Writers.

Content Review and Liability
InstaHref does not review publishers’ sites or the content of paid articles published by advertisers. Therefore, InstaHref is not liable for the actions of others. Given the platform’s purpose for the instant publication of paid articles, we cannot always prevent misuse or abusive use of the services by users. In these conditions, you are responsible for your decision to register on the InstaHref platform and to use the services offered through it.

Platform Rights and Restrictions
InstaHref reserves the right to limit the use of its Services, either on its own initiative or following a notification from an interested party. We reserve the right to restrict, suspend, or close your account if we believe that contractual conditions or laws have been violated. Additionally, we reserve the right to remove non-compliant content that violates any person’s copyright rights in any form following prior notification.

Copyright and Content Upload
By uploading content and publishing a paid article, you confirm that you are the copyright holder or, as applicable, have the legal right to use the work and do not violate these rights, in accordance with Law No. 8/1996 on copyright and related rights. ‘Work’ includes audiovisual works such as video materials, audio recordings, courses, articles, books, visual works like paintings, posters, and advertisements, etc.

Prohibited Content
The publication of paid articles with content that is:
Pornographic, in accordance with Law No. 196 of May 13, 2003, on the prevention and combating of pornography.
Promotes any form of violence or propaganda against drugs and other banned substances in accordance with Law No. 143 of July 26, 2000, on combating drug trafficking and illicit drug use.
Promotes any form of discrimination in accordance with Government Ordinance No. 137/2000 on the prevention and sanctioning of all forms of discrimination (republished).

Terms & Conditions for Publishers on InstaHref

Listing and Publication Fees
Publisher sites are listed for free on the InstaHref online platform for the purpose of publishing articles by Advertisers. Articles are published for a fee. The price of an article is set in the national currency, Lei, by the Publisher, and an intermediary commission negotiated by the parties is added. Prices may be subject to periodic changes, but the applicable price is the one in effect at the time of placing an order.

Site Listing and SEO Indicators
Each listed site will include a description, SEO indices (periodically verified by InstaHref), and detailed specific conditions for article publication.

Article Modification Post-Publication
Paid articles can be modified for an additional cost through a request communicated to [email protected].

Article Publication Duration
The paid article is published on the Publisher’s site as soon as it is ordered and remains published on the site for at least one (1) year.

The Advertiser expressly requests the Publisher to permanently withdraw the article from publication. The paid price is not refundable.
The Publisher’s activity has been suspended or has ceased.
If the article is removed from the site for any reason before the one (1) year term, the Publisher agrees to pay the Advertiser damages of three (3) times the price paid for publication. Exceptions to the payment of damages include force majeure or situations where the Publisher is not at fault, including slight negligence.
If the content of the published article contravenes legal provisions, the terms and conditions of this section, and the site’s specific publication conditions, the Publisher has the right to temporarily suspend the publication of the article until it complies. The Publisher must inform the Advertiser about the temporary suspension and the obligation to modify the article. The modification procedure at the Publisher’s request can be requested once and without any additional cost. If the article is not modified within two (2) days of the request, the Publisher has the right to definitively suspend the publication of the paid article without the obligation to refund the payment.

Suspension and Cancellation by Publisher
If the Publisher temporarily or definitively suspends the publication of an article without basis and without following the established communication procedure, they may be required to refund the price of the article, and depending on the case, access to the platform may be restricted or even prohibited by deleting the Publisher’s account.

Payment and Withdrawal
For each paid article published, the Publisher’s account will be credited with the amount representing the price of the article. Withdrawals from the account are made during the 1-5th of each month, through a request accompanied by a payment invoice communicated to InstaHref. Payment will be made within seven (7) days of receiving the invoice.

Order and Payment History
A detailed history of all orders and payments made is displayed in the Publisher’s account.

Terms & Conditions for Article Acquisition – Content Writing on InstaHref

Ordering Custom Articles
Custom articles can be written by collaborative Content Writers of InstaHref based on specific orders.

Order Specifications
The order must contain categories, subjects, themes, and issues of the article, the minimum word count, along with other necessary information for the Content Writer.
The information provided must be accurate and complete. The Buyer is solely responsible for the information they provide and for any consequences thereof, including any possible consequences and misunderstandings in the event the Buyer provides false, inaccurate, and/or incorrect information.

InstaHref’s Liability
InstaHref is not responsible for the articles ordered and received from Content Writers in any way, including for any consequences that may arise and cause damage and injury. InstaHref requires its Content Writers to maintain the confidentiality of all information provided by the Buyer, and the Buyer expressly acknowledges that InstaHref assumes no responsibility for any breach of confidentiality by Content Writers.

Article Review and Acceptance
Upon completion, the article is sent for examination, and the Buyer may:
(i) accept the ordered article, or
(ii) request a revision within 2 (two) calendar days of receiving the article.
In the case of a revision request, the execution period of the article may be extended. If the Buyer does not provide a revision request within 2 (two) calendar days of receiving the article, it is considered to be accepted without objections.
Revision Process

The revision request communicated to the Content Writer must clearly and detailedly describe what changes and improvements are to be made to the article. If the article is not modified in accordance with the revision request, the Buyer may reject the article entirely, in which case the paid price will be refunded. The Buyer agrees that InstaHref may make the final decision if the Buyer’s rejection of the article is justified, and the Buyer agrees to accept this decision as final.

Copyright and Article Rights
The Buyer holds the copyright of the article once it is accepted and paid for in full. Consequently, the Buyer will have the right to publish, perform, display, reproduce, distribute, create derivative works, and sell the ordered article, without time and territorial limits.

Contract Termination Terms

Termination by Either Party
Either party may request the termination of this agreement at any time, at their own discretion, with a notification communicated to the other party. The effect of termination leads to the deletion of the account and the impossibility of accessing any service on the platform.

Post-Termination Provisions
Upon termination of the contract, for any reason, all provisions relating to indemnities, warranties, liabilities and their limits, as well as confidentiality and the protection of property rights and trade secrets, as well as any provisions that expressly or by their nature are necessary to comply with the law, shall remain in effect.

Warranties and Liabilities
You agree and acknowledge that using the InstaHref online platform and purchasing services is at your own risk. The obligation to inform about the use of services provided by users through the platform and about the users themselves lies entirely with you.
Given the purpose and objectives of the InstaHref platform, namely the immediate publication of paid articles by Advertisers, published materials do not undergo a prior procedure of verification and acceptance of publication, so the responsibility for using the service and all consequences arising from the use of the services lies entirely with you.
In the event of a misunderstanding/dispute/litigation between Publishers, Advertisers, and/or Content Writers or between them and any third party or person harmed by the use of InstaHref services, you understand and agree that InstaHref is not a party and has no obligation to get involved.
InstaHref will not be liable for non-performance or improper performance, in whole or in part, of any of its assumed obligations, if the performance of that obligation was prevented due to an unpredictable and inevitable event beyond the control of the party invoking force majeure.

Intellectual Property
The content of the Site, graphics, all available information and elements that compose it (including but not limited to photos, images, logos, domain names, company names) viewed or accessed in any way on the site, are and remain the exclusive property of InstaHref and its partners.
Reproduction, distribution, or use of the site content in any way is prohibited.
Paid articles published on Publishers’ sites by Advertisers remain the property of the Advertisers.
Images, logos, emblems, and presentations published on the Premium Profile page of Lawyers belong to them and they assume full responsibility for intellectual property rights.

Notifications and Complaints
Any communication, complaint, notification, or information of any kind transmitted to InstaHref is valid and fully executed if transmitted electronically via email to [email protected].

Restriction, Discontinuation, and Suspension of Services Offered through the InstaHref Platform
InstaHref has the right to restrict, discontinue, and suspend the services provided through the platform, based on a justified decision communicated in writing via email within 5 days from the occurrence of the case.